FA Cup and Vase draws

FA Cup draw : 6th Aug home to Silsden winners away to Liversedge/Guisborough 20th Aug

FA Vase draw: 10th Sep home to Yorkshire Amateur, winners home to Daisy Hill/Garforth 24th Sep.

Pre-Season 2016/17

Confirmed Pre-season Fixtures


Tuesday 12 - Hall Road Rangers (away) - 7:30pm

Saturday 16 - Leeds United U21s (Home) - 3:00pm

Wednesday 20 - Westella & Willerby (Home) - 7:45pm

Saturday 23 - North Ferriby United (Home) - 3:00pm

Wednesday 27 - Sheffield United Academy (Home) - 7:00pm 

Saturday 30 - Tadcaster Albion (Home) - 3:00pm 



Tuesday 2 - Sculcoates Amateurs (Home) - 7:45pm

Saturday 6 - SEASON COMMENCES (FA Cup Extra-Preliminary Round) 




New kits for the 2016/17 season

Town Chairman unveiled the new home and away shirts for the new season today. although some fans have had an exclusive look at the shirts the new blue away kit is proving to be very popular with the Town faithful.

shirts are available to order priced at £36 for Adults and £26 for kids







Senior cup final joy

Town retained the East Riding senior cup final after a hard fought 1-0 win over North Ferriby United. Joel Sutton scored the only goal of the game in the 63 minute for the Seasiders







Presentation awards

           Ryan Nicholls Player of the season

Richard Bishop presents Chris Jenkinson with the supporters player of the season award.     

          Supporters of the season Warren Spear, Mick Brown and Keith Garton with club secretary Gordon Gillott(second left)

Joel Sutton top goal scorer



          Chris Jenkinson Players player of the season

Paul Prime presents Will Waudby with the supporters young player of the season award

 Club man of the season Richard Bishop


Lea Houlihan presents Chris Jenkinson with the Talk of the Town player of the season award




Programme awards 2015/16

We are delighted to announce that for the fourth season in a row the Seasiders Review, the official Matchday Programme of Bridlington Town Football Club, has come out on top in the Northern Counties East League Premier Division in the recently announced Soccer Club Swap Shop Awards

The programme was voted the best in the Premier Division with Cleethorpes Town coming second and overall nationally, the Programme came 17th in the whole of the country from around 600 Non League entries, with the Royal Wooton Bassett Town programme coming out on top nationally. 

This is the second award for the Seasiders Review this season after NCEL football fans voted the programme their favorite in a recent poll ran by the new NCEL Magazine The Bootiful Game.

Our thanks must go to programme editor Dom Taylor with the help and support from Joe Ripley Red, Gary Allanson, John and Ben Edwards, Darren 'Knocker' Norton, Cyril Skinner and all the guest writers for the fantastic work they do for EVERY edition and of course to Pete at Newton Printers who prints the programme for us.



The missing fans

The Barclays Premier League continues to flourish with most games sold out every weekend whilst non-league football attendances continues to decline making it harder to finance the running of clubs at our level. I was really disappointed with last Saturdays attendance (20th February 2016) with only 97 people watching the game against Brigg Town, the first time I can actually remember being lower than 100 for a Saturday league match. When you take out the committee passes for both clubs and a few complimentary tickets we had about 70 people paying which just about covers the cost of paying three officials and your electric and gas bills for the day. I have tried all the usual initiatives in recent years, the most recent one being the free entry for kids if they buy the replica shirt, I still have half the shirts left and very few kids attend the games. We have given tickets away at schools, no real uptake, I honestly believe if I offered free entry for games I don’t think we would get more than 200.

We have a catchment area of 35,000 people so it is really poor, our gates are down by 10% again this season and perhaps down by 100% over the last 10 years. This despite the fact we have lost only one game in the last fifteen games, so it is not the product on the pitch which is the problem. Despite the mild winter the attendances in the NCEL Premier League are down by 7.7% compared with last season and if it was not for the attendances at Worksop Town (Average 481) and Tadcaster (Average 349) and the away support these teams have which helps increase the average for the other clubs the overall decrease would be even lower.

Will the attendances increase for Worksop Town and Tadcaster if they get promoted and are only mid table in the league above, I doubt it. Look at Scarborough Athletic their attendances have dropped from 500 to 300 over the last two seasons. North Ferriby Utd who are third in the National League North Division who could only get 353 for their home game against Curzon Ashton last Saturday even though Hull City were away leaving a potential of a really good crowd from a 200,000 population catchment area. Look at Hull City, top of the league, their average attendances not even in the top six averages in their league, no doubt their crowds will go back up again when the “Holy Grail” of the Barclays Premier League is achieved again.

The main reason for the demise is televised football especially by Sky and BT and the special offers by pubs when games are on, we had next to no fans watching the Arsenal versus Hull City game last Saturday lunchtime. I bet Wetherspoons in Bridlington was busy for that game with their cheap beer and food offers, why come to watch Town afterwards and pay £6.00 to get in.

I saw that a pub in Hull along with a few others around the country were fined £10,000.00 each last week for “illegally” showing live Barclays Premier League Games by the Satellite Companies. Yet those companies have been taking fans away from non-league football now for several years and not even put a penny back into the lower levels of the non-league pyramid.

You can switch your television on seven nights a week now and see live games from all over the world, why go to Queensgate.

I also think fans have become bored now with a lot of football due to the saturation by television. I came from the days when televised football consisted of “Match of the Day”, the FA Cup games and England International games and this wetted your appetite to want to go to a live game on a Saturday afternoon or a Tuesday evening, not anymore.

I believe the Step 4 and 5 leagues tried to arrange a deal with Sky television for a reduced subscription for Sky Sports being shown in non-league football clubs but this failed because Sky still wanted too much money. The last time we had Sky in our club it was £600.00 per month which was too much, yet in the bigger picture how much would it cost Sky to half that subscription for all Football clubs at Steps 4, 5 and 6 in this country.

I personally don’t think Social Media is helping attendances at non-league clubs; you don’t have to go to games to find out what is happening at games during that two hour period whilst the games are on. You only need to look at the NCEL twitter feed in the comfort of your armchair with a few cans of lager and you can see the team sheets before kick-off, the teams shaking hands and get a visual commentary of games with photographs attached for the next two hours.

I myself have been guilty of watching the site when in recent years if we did not have a mid-week game I would have gone to watch another live game in our league if relatively local, I just stay at home and look at the twitter feed. You are then also able to watch your Sky televised game at the same time with your cheap supermarket bottle of “Peroni” lager. I think the league should put a ban on their Twitter feed for two hours on a Saturday and evenings during the games.

The Football Association have started a new initiative called “Grow Your Club” and we have registered to be part of this and very shortly I will be attending their first seminar to hear what they have to say about the future. This could be the “last throw of the dice” or it could be the change that is needed to bring back “The Missing Fans”.


Peter Smurthwaite

Chairman – Bridlington Town AFC



Rearranged Cup Games

The Westella VIP v Bridlington Town ER Senior Cup quarter final is now Wednesday 17th February and the Bridlington Town v Brigg Town League Cup third round tie is now Tuesday 23rd February.

Both games kick off at 7-45pm


With two home games against Brigg Town taking place within three days of each other we will be producing one programme to cover both games at the normal price of £1-50p

Thanks for the support

On behalf of everyone connected with Bridlington Town football club I would like to thank the lads from Capital Eye, Joel Cash, Scott Baxter, Danny Jackman and Matty Jackman for arranging the gig in the Seasiders Bar at the football club last Sunday along with Adam Chodan ,Ska Head aka Coz Cossins, compare Bruce Harding and also Chris Barker from BKR Distribution.

It was the best music gig I have seen at the club in all the time I have been involved with Bridlington Town with close to two hundred people there, some of them making it a real family occasion and what an atmosphere those talented musicians created.

I really appreciate the fact that these musicians provided their services completely free of charge to raise money for the football club to help towards the repairs after the recent break in.

The support from the local people was fantastic for the event and also the fact that nearly seventy prizes were donated from local people and businesses for the Christmas draw showed a real community spirit.

I would also like to thank Heather, Kevin and the staff for their excellent service on the night and also Mary Green, Richard Bishop, Paul Prime and Tony Mooney for their help before and during the function along with our Social media operator who wishes to remain anonymous.

It is pleasing to know the effort and support they have given to the football club.

Also thanks to everyone who helped sell the tickets and also all the local people who had no hesitation in buying a draw ticket from my self in the local pubs.

The Gig and the draw raised just over £2000.00 which will more than cover the cost of the vandalism and will also leave some money to be put towards a refurbishment of the Seasiders bar which we are due to start in January to encourage more use of the bar for outside bookings for events.

We have invited the Musicians to a future Bridlington Town match as our guests in the hospitality box to thank them for their great gesture to the club

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and look forward to seeing you at future matches and events and trust the team can also keep up their recent form.


Peter Smurthwaite


Bridlington Town football club


Rearranged Fixtures

Following negotiations with the Northern Counties East League a number of fixtures in 2016 have been moved to give more continuity to our home and away games and to ensure that we alternate with Scarborough Athletic's fixtures.

The affected fixtures are:


Saturday 9 -  Nostell Miners' Welfare - away (from Saturday 16 April)

Saturday 16 - Clipstone - HOME (from Monday 28 March)

Saturday 30 - Staveley Miners' Welfare - HOME (from Tuesday 22 March)


Wednesday 23 - Athersley Recreation - away (from Saturday 16 January)

Saturday 26 - Pontefract Collieries - away (from Saturday 30 January)

Monday 28 March - Barton Town OB - HOME (from Saturday 26 March)

Club statement - 23/11/2015

Whatever happened to Saturday home games???


Several fans asked me at last Tuesdays game why we play very few league games at home on Saturdays. Good question, I checked our current fixture list and sure enough we only play 9 Saturday home fixtures in 8 months (between beginning of August and end of March) basically one per month. We then finish the season in April with 3 home games in the last 4 Saturdays.

We also have the problem where we have had 3 Saturdays so far this season when neither us or Scarborough have been at home and we also have the following Saturday dates with no games at Queensgate:


  • Saturday 19th December, 2015

  • Saturday 16th January, 2016

  • Saturday 30th January, 2016

  • Saturday 19th March, 2016


This creates quite a serious problem for our club with no income for these Saturdays and more Tuesday night games which on average we have a 33% drop in attendances and revenue against the same fixtures on Saturdays. The other problem is fans are creatures of habit and have been brought up on football home games being played on alternate Saturdays. Midweek games usually compete like last week with England v France on television and Champions League this Tuesday, “cold night at end of November – Bridlington Town v Armthorpe or Arsenal or Chelsea on television in the warmth?” Answers on a post card.

I appreciate it is not easy with our ground share arrangements and cup competitions but when the fixtures were published at the start of the season our secretary did notify our league that there were several clashes of fixtures with Scarborough yet here we are halfway through the season with this issue still unresolved. After this Saturday 28th November, 2015 we only have one more Saturday home game between then and the 23rd January, 2016. We don’t even have a Bank Holiday home fixture over Christmas and New Year thanks to the Evo-Stik league schedules. This lack of home Saturday games at a time of the season when games are likely to be postponed at away grounds with more chance of our ground being fit to play.

We are at present awaiting an answer from our league to see if some of the games can be rescheduled for Saturday home games because we desperately need their assistance to help us generate the necessary income to operate a club at this level. We are not asking for any favours, we only want common sense to prevail because the league is very much about safeguarding member clubs where possible and not being rigid about fixtures problem. We at our clubs always try and help other clubs with requests to change fixtures and the fact that we are a ground sharing club should not be to the detriment of our own fixture schedule.

I trust our fans appreciate the problem of the Saturday fixtures are out of our hands and hope we can get the situation resolved in the near future.

Peter Smurthwaite

Chairman- Bridlington Town AFC


Andy Martin (Easington United)

Bridlington Town learnt with great sadness that Easington United player/coach Andy Martin sadly passed away on Saturday morning following a short illness.

The thoughts and condolences of Bridlington Town go out to Andy's family and friends, and to everyone connected with Easington United.

The players, officials and spectators who were at the Crown FC v Bridlington Town East Riding Senior Cup tie on Saturday observed a minute's silence before the kick off as a sign of respect for Andy. 

A Dark Day at Queensgate

The 10th November, 2015 will not go down as the best day we have ever had at this club. I was informed at 9.00am in the morning by our ground staff that we had suffered a break in at the stadium overnight. The cost of repairs and stolen items is in the region of £1000.00 for which we have an insurance excess that means it is not worth claiming for.

I was watching the Hull United versus Bottesford game when I received a text at 9.45pm last night to say that Whitby Fans had ripped down the Bridlington Town Banner which features prominently behind our goal and the local police had to attend to prevent potential trouble from the people responsible at the Scarborough versus Whitby cup match. I am this morning awaiting quotations for the replacement of the banner which had featured so well on the “Class of 92” television programme shown on BBC last Thursday which had brought some real good positive publicity for our club.

Ground control is the sole responsibility of Scarborough Athletic for all their games at Queensgate but obviously does reflect on us as a club. I have this morning received an apology from Scarborough for the damage and have also been contacted by Graham Manser, the Chairman of Whitby Town confirming they will pay for the replacement banner and I would also add there has been no previous history of problems between Bridlington and Whitby when we have played each other whilst I have been at the club. I understand the people responsible for this damage are banned from Whitby’s home games and is such a shame they were allowed into last night’s game.

On the positive side we have been contacted by one of our fans, Joel Cash who is a member of a local band called “Capital Eye” who have offered to play a gig at our club free of charge to help raise money for the “break in” costs and a local company BKR Leaflet distribution have offered to do a free leaflet drop to advertise the gig. I really appreciate this response especially in view of the fact I have also had to pay £1800.00 last week to have further work carried out on the floodlights to pass the FA Floodlight Inspection and with attendances down on last season and the lack of Saturday home game fixtures money is tight at present.

I appreciate what our regular fans have done so far this season with their latest fund raising initiatives and it was a really proud moment for me to see our ground featured on national television, which also shows we have a far superior stadium than that of Salford City, we must be doing something right at this football club.

If anyone can offer any further financial support to cover our recent costs please contact the club through Dom Taylor on social media with your help or ideas. I will continue to do my best to support this well respected football club in recognition of all the other people connected with the club who work so hard behind the scenes to support myself.

Peter Smurthwaite

Chairman – Bridlington Town AFC



The Magic of the FA Cup (What magic?)

The kids are not even back at school yet, it is 15th August, 2015 the second Saturday of the season, one of only two chances we get of any money from our illustrious Football Association (The FA), the “FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round” sponsors money only goes to the winner of each match.Before the draw was made a few weeks ago I thought it’s bound to be the FA vase holder’s home or away, the only difference will be its North Shields this year, not Whitley Bay. I better not include prize money in our budget this season. Guess what it was North Shields at home, surprise, surprise! Most North East Counties clubs realise what a very tough league the Northern League is and many people believe the Northern League Division One should be a Step 4 league but never mind, they are nice people and as a club we now have lots of friends in the North East after our many recent encounters.

Of the 5 FA Cup games involving Northern League Division 1 sides and N.E Counties Premier only Thackley won which is a recurring theme each season. It is not just the loss of prize money which is disappointing but the costs involved when our clubs play Northern League clubs with the travelling involved and the cost of travel.

We had one of the highest attendances (351) in this round thanks to the number of North Shields fans who attended our games (200 plus) yet we have only made a profit of £123.60 which was made up as follows:-


Gate Receipts                    =             1422.00

Less VAT 20%                    =             237.00

Receipts Nett Total          =             1185.00




Stewards (Required due to size of crowd)                              =             180.00

Match Officials                                                                             =             207.80

(Referee from Bishop Auckland)

(Assistant from Shildon)

(Assistant from Northallerton)

Coach costs for North Shields                                                   =             550.00

(Which is very reasonable for the length of the journey)


Total Payments                                                                             =             937.80

Balance/Profit                                                                               =             247.20


Bridlington Share                                                                          =             123.60


by Peter Smurthwaite 

FA Competitions

 Once again Bridlington Town have drawn the present FA Vase holders in the FA Cup.

The early round ties of the FA Cup and Vase involving Bridlington Town are:


Extra-preliminary Round, Saturday August 15 - Bridlington Town v North Shields                                Preliminary Round, Saturday August 29 - Bridlington Town / North Shields v Kendal Town 


First Qualifying Round, Saturday September 5th - Penrith v Bridlington Town 

Second Qualifying Round, Saturday 3rd October - Sunderland RCA v Penrith / Bridlington Town

Proposed NCEL Constitution 2015/16

The proposed constitution of the Toolstation Northern Counties East League for 2015/16, which is to be put to clubs at the AGM next month for confirmation, has both diivisions consisting of 22 clubs.

In the Premier Division Heanor Town have moved laterally to the Midland League while Shaw Lane Aquaforce have been promoted and Glasshoughton Welfare relegated to Division One.  Clipstone and Pontefract Collieries have been promoted from Division One and both Brigg Town and Rainworth Miners' Welfare have been demoted from the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Division One South.

In Division One along with relegated Glasshoughton two clubs have made the step up - Hull United from the Humber Premier League and Westella VIP from the Central Midlands League - to take the places of the two promoted teams and relegated Grimsby Borough.

For the full list of Premier Division Clubs see under Fixtures / Results

NCEL AGM 20/06/2015

The proposed constitution was accepted at the AGM on June 20th with two Divisions of 22 clubs each.

The first two rounds of the League Cup were drawn and similar to last season Bridlington Town have a bye to the third round.

A rule was passed on relegation and promotion between the Premier Division and Division One.  The bottom three clubs in the Premier Division will be relegated to Division One with the top two Division One clubs being promoted along with a third club that will be determined thorough a play-off system between the clubs in positions 3 to 6.

Promotion from the Premier Division is detemined by the FA and will remain at just the champions being offered promotion.

Backroom staff 2015/16

Obviously the season is over and we had a fantastic finale on Monday night with us winning the ER Cup with a great performance, but we have to keep moving and not sit back and our hardest work starts now by putting things into place and laying the foundations ready for next season.

My first priority was to get the right backroom staff into place who all have the same ideas and think the same as me so we can make the foundations solid with no cracks appearing.

So I would like to announce that Wayne Lewis has accepted the Assistant Managers role, in the few weeks that he has been involved he has brought a stability to the team, he has earned the respect of the players and the whole atmosphere within the dressing room and on the training ground has become more relaxed, this has enabled the players to flourish and enjoy their football more. Personally I have known Wayne for a lot of years and he was a good player in his own right playing at a high level and has a great understanding of the game, he also loves Bridlington Town after playing for them in a very successful era, he will be a great asset to me but also to the club.   

Steve Mulligan has accepted the role as first team coach and along with Wayne since his return has brought a stability to the team and again is well respected by the players. He puts fantastic sessions on and has a brilliant manner with the players, again a good player in his own right and is highly qualified and always coaches to the highest standard.

Danny Brunton will continue to be part of the Management team and will continue playing and also look after the physio and fitness of the players, Danny will have a big part to play this season.

Nick Baxter will be the Goalkeeping Coach and also the backup Goalkeeper, Nick is another one who loves the club and has played a big part in our success this season especially the latter part when he has been able to commit more.

I will be working very closely with these guys so we can continue to build on our success of this season, along with Ash Allanson, Tom Fleming, Chris Jenkinson and Craig Hogg who have already committed to next season and will play a big part of bringing the younger players on with their fantastic experience at this level. The majority of this seasons squad have said they are staying but until the ink is dry on the forms we cannot take anything for granted, we are speaking to a number of players but the competition is severe this season and players are holding out until they have spoken to all other clubs, but on the back of that players are also getting in contact to come down after seeing our performance in the Cup Final and seeing the type of football we play.

There seems to be a real feel-good factor around the club at the moment and we need to keep this momentum going off as well as on it.


Gary Allanson



Season ticket prices frozen for 15/16 season

Adult : £100
OAP : £50
Under 16s : £30

Season passes are for league matches only

Message from the Chairman

We have had BT sport installed at the football club and the Manchester City V Arsenal match kick off 12.45pm will be showing in the clubhouse before our important game against Worksop Parramore this Saturday. I would remind people membership is not required for the clubhouse and everyone is welcome and also meet our new licensees Alan and Heather, formerly of the Greyhound Public House.

I can also confirm that further to the incident at the recent home game against Athersley Recreation I have written to the spectator involved to inform him he is not allowed at any future matches or events at the Queensgate Stadium. I have written to the East Riding County Football Association and the Northern Counties East League who have accepted my actions and do not intend taking any disciplinary action against our Football Club. We already have an excellent relationship with the local police who have been informed of the incident and have been happy with the way our Football Club has dealt with the preparation and control of some large crowds at games over the last few seasons.

It is so disappointing that one isolated incident can damage the excellent reputation of this Football Club but at least I have the knowledge that all clubs who visit our ground always commend us on our hospitality and our excellent facilities and playing surface. Even after the disappointment of our defeat at Spennymoor on Saturday I was approached by one of their fans who along with his nine year old son had been to last seasons FA Vase match and said what a fantastic time they had both had and were envious of our facilities. Comments like that are quite common and from a personal point of view make the jobs that we all do at the club worthwhile and strive to run this club as professionally as we can.


Peter Smurthwaite


Bridlington Town AFC




Seasider Saviors

Bridlington Town search for Community Heroes

Bridlington Town AFC are to launch Community Heroes – a new award for individuals who make a positive contribution to their local community in Bridlington, Scarborough or along the East Yorkshire coast.

Every Community Hero will receive at least four tickets to a Seasiders home game, courtesy of club sponsor Neil Hudgell Solicitors, specialists in compensation claims for personal injury and medical negligence.  For more information and to find out how you can nominate a Community Hero, click here