The Manager

Gary Allanson (Manager) Former professional with Doncaster Rovers before moving into Management with Hall Road Rangers. Gary also works in a Coaching position at the Hull City center of excellence, the benefits of which can clearly be seen in this current crop of Town players.

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Wayne Lewis

former fans favourite Wayne has returned to the club to help assist Gary Allanson, Wayne was watching his son Benn play for town and was approached by the gaffa to join his coaching team. still very popular with the town faithful and a very good signing by the gaffa.

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 Nick Baxter

Nicky returns to the club as goal keeper coach but is also registered as a players if required, Nicky a former Hull City and Manchester United junior is a strong keeper that loves a one on one. 

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Danny Brunton (Physio)

Danny has recently been appointed the club physio but can also an important member of the playing squad a strong attacking full back with a great engine and excellent passing ability.

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